Friday, June 17, 2016

And just like that...

So I have some great news to share... we sold our house!

We just had our inspections done this week and we're pretty confident all will go well.  If not, I'll be back on here whining about how angry I am!   Anywho, so that's it.  Our 1st home is gone.  Now, if you all don't mind I'm going to get pretty real on how I'm feeling...

I'm feeling pretty sad.  This house has a lot of memories in it that I'm afraid to let go of.  I know I'll keep the memories within, but we had a lot of firsts in that home and a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it.  I know we'll be able to go and find a new house and create even more memories.  But there are days I walk into a room and just start crying.  I'm hoping it's normal to mourn like this. 

I'm also terrified.  We need to find a new house in the next couple weeks and every day Matt is reminding me how there aren't any new houses on the market that have what we're looking for. I'm normally laid God to provide type of girl.  Lately I've been becoming antsy, impatient and worrisome.  It's taking a toll on me.  I know deep down God has that perfect place in mind for us like he did with our 1st...but I need to get my heart back on track.  Who cares what the market is doing right now.  Houses are coming on...slowly, but they're coming on. 

Lastly... I'm getting frustrated.  I feel like the focus of what we were looking for in the forever home keeps changing.  And we all know how I feel about change. I'm a planner.  I need things lined up and organized and this whole house shopping isn't going along with my vision for life!  Each day we don't find the perfect house we keep compromising what we're willing to live without...and it's changing what we first set out for.
I don't know.  I think I need to just ask for you all to pray that I keep it together...and that we find our house and I regain my sense of security again.  Oh, and remind me never to do this again. lol... ya know... move. 

- Kathy

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 min in Kathy's Head

- Lately I've been craving a bowl of veggies.  Like a salad or stirfry... just veggies.  Maybe it's because I spent the last few months eating like a crazy person and my body is saying, "Kathy, detox!" or it's summer and I want to make good probably time for a detox.

- I hate selling a house.  I hate hunting for one.  I don't have the patience to build.

- I held Avery put his PJ's on last night and he told me, "Thanks mom!  You're the best, you're just so awesome!".  That's one huge accomplishment for me...check!

- Pretty sure Reid is a teenager stuck in a short round body.

- I wonder if there's a smoothie place nearby...

- I miss my bootcamp, but not the pain.

- I wonder if I can buy a new pair of shoes this week without Matt noticing.  He didn't seem to notice the two from a couple weeks ago.

- I should have made chocolate covered strawberries last night

- Why don't adults get nap time.  We deserve it so much more than the toddlers.  They should stay up and pay bills.

- I should probably get to planning our outing for Avery's 4th birthday!  It's coming up next week and I have no clue what we should do for him.

- I want to go camping.

- Lemon Oreos are the best breakfast cookie.

- Kathy

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Additional Commode!

So I'm so excited to share this DIY project that I really had nothing to do with except for nagging.  When we moved into our current home, we knew that down the road we would finish the basement.  We didn't finish the basement, but we did add an additional bathroom. This was all Matt....and he did an amazing job!  I can only take credit for helping with the purchasing of the furniture/decor and like I said...nagging to get it done. lol

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dream House off the Market...

Not ours... but the one we had our eye on.  We got outbid in our attempt to hold it while we sold ours.  We figured that would happen, but when we got the call from our realtor it was hard to swallow. It hurt. It was sad.  I cried a little.  Then I had to stop because the boys were looking at me funny.

But we're back to square one on the house hunt...praying this weekend produces a gem!  I know the Lord with provide in His amazing timing...just wish he clued me in! :)

Hope you all have fabulous weekends!
- Kathy

1st Home - Circa 2014

The house is still up for sale.  It's been 2 weeks!  My house has never looked so... perfect lol. Matt and I spend most of our time corralling the kids out of certain rooms and maintaining a minimalist decor to be ready for any showing! lol... I hate this type of living!  Please pray we find a place soon...and sell this one! AT. THE.SAME. TIME... preferably!

Wow... looking back at 2014 the scare posts showed just how... hectic my life was lol.  Two young boys, grad school, full time job... yeah.  But there were some great highlights sprinkled in there!  Check them out...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

1st Home - Circa 2013

House selling status...
We got through last weekend's open house.  We had 12 groups come through and they all loved the house.  But no offers yet!
- loved the decor (made me smile!)
- loved the overall flow of the house
- loved the size of the bedrooms
- loved the vaulted rooms
- loved the basement bathroom
- loved the curb appeal (kudos to Matt for working tirelessly to get the yard in tip top shape

- Concerned about the back porch stairs (Matt put that on his to-do list to redo...because we already knew that new ones were needed!)

We're not too worried about the zero offers so far, because we're still on the hunt for the perfect house!  The one we had our eye on and got the ball rolling for us sold last week.. so we're back to square one in the search!
Meanwhile... let's review the DIY projects from 2013!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

1st Home - Circa 2012

So the house has been on the market for a week and we've had three showings!  We had some positive feedback and decided to go ahead with an open house this coming Sunday!  We're hoping with the weather starting to warm up... we should get a lot of traffic!  In the meantime, we started packing and selling things we no longer want!  It's been theaputic for me, since I'm coming down with some spring cleaning fever!  Out with the old... and hopefully in with the new...soon!

So let's continue with the parade of DIY projects from the past...specifically 2012!  This was the year of Avery's birthday, so you'll notice a lot of baby related projects!  They were definitely some of my favorites!