Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breaking Ground

Wow, I haven't been on in a long time!  For awhile there I thought my work was blocking my access...but low and behold it was a fluke! :)

I'll post later on wedding stuff status... for now, a lot has been going down with the house as summer swings into full gear.  Matt and I have been discussing for months on how we can set up the house to be more Green! (eco-wise...not siding color!)  Well I saw the post on YHL on making your own rain barrel and I knew we just had to do this!  Well that project is still underway, so I'll post when it's complete!  (Hopefully this weekend!)  Other green ideas include making a compost bin and more aggressive recycling.  Shopping more locally (via the Farmer's market)...and any other ideas I find we can do!

This past weekend Matt's parents came to town and brought with them a truck load of trees and plants.  What a blessing!  We have so much space to plant...and as many of us homeowners know...they are expensive!!  Matt went out  Saturday morning and bought some more as well as soil...etc.

Well it rained all weekend, so we weren't able to get anything in the ground.  Come Sunday, the sun broke through and sent the temps rising into the 90's!  Matt got out there and started digging up and flower garden along the right side of the house.  I didn't even know he was going to start this, so I have no Before pictures. :(  But use your imagination and picture nothing but grass!  Poor guy got some crazy sunburn in the process... but it was definitely a labor of love.

I can't take any credit for helping as I have no green thumb...and he did crazy stuff like tilling and there were worms... omg huge fatty like worms!   I did get permission to pick out some perennials to plant around the Azalea bushes.  We'll need to go pick up some more topsoil and finish the length of the flower garden up to the office window.  The rest of the plants will be put at the bottom of the backyard. 

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  1. i cannot wait to see when everything is done! i am so excited to see that you can blog again, lol.


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