Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The decorating begins! (Office)

I haven't officially moved into the house yet.  Matt is holding down fort until after the wedding, so when I do make it over there for a few hours I usually go into a frenzy of decorating fever.  I read on YHL that it's best to tackle one room at a time.  That was hard at first...but slowly we're getting through it.  Here's our list of rooms in order of decorating.

1) Office/Sunroom
2) Formal Dining Room
3) Bedroom #2
4) Family Room
5) Guest Bathroom
6) Living Room
7) Bedroom #3
....the rest!

The Office...(<---Scranton style!...haha... the show??  Anyone?....awkward)
So our office is located just off our family room and is completely surrounded by it serves as a sunroom too.  I wanted it to look sunny all the time, so we decided on a yellow color.  (SW paint of course!)
I then worked some craigslist magic and found the ikea desk, floor mat, and chair for only $30!  The shredder was one of Matt's Christmas gifts (Thank you Black Friday!) and the Hibiscus trees are seasonal and only spend the winters indoors.  I got the pots from Old Time Pottery for $30 each.   Otherwise... they stay on the back porch. :)

We made some minor changes and additions since we originally finished painting.  The desk for the most part was extremely cluttered!  I wanted to find away to organize our bills/cards and have desk space to work.  

 I first nailed a metal wire basket to the wall to hold some documents I don't want lost. (aka checkbooks!)  It was super easy to install and it's nice having it right there in front. I also added those annoying computer cds they ask for when doing uploads. (Microsoft Office...etc)
Horrible pic really, but do you see that green basket on the bottom right?  LOVE it!  I got it at Target in their media storage area.  (yes, it's meant to hold cds/dvds)  I have it being used as my stationary station.  Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be prepared for any occasion and have a stash of cards for every event.  (ok, not entirely true...but oh so fun to have)  The basket is nicely arranged with cards, envelopes of varying sizes, return address labels (compliments of my Vistaprint addiction - a posting for another time...), and stamps!

And this is one of my favorite new features!  My friend Tami, made me a mouse pad (again, from my fav place, Vistaprint)  The pic was taken at work, which I shared with her via e-mail...and she  then surprises me  by shipping this!  haha... every time I click the mouse I smile.  Matt is totally creeped out by my face being so close to his laptop (which technically is "ours" now since we're starting a life together in marital bliss!)...but it's funny and so me...and I love it!
Lastly (for now), I purchased two chocolate brown ottomans which we store in here (one under each side window).  They were a steal at Target  for only $28!  Did I mention they have storage inside?  I think this one has our DIY fleece Browns blanket...hehe.  You can't even tell it's hiding it in there.. so covert my little ottoman is... so secretive in its ability to be a 2-for-1 special.

I have more plans for this room!  
Stay tuned

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  1. i love the yellow and your plants! i am also digging your pot!

    want to know what's so funny to me? i have a similar live well, love much, laugh often frame. not sure if it is called a frame but yeah ...


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