Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Formalizing the a dining room

When we first got the house the formal dining room was anything but formal.  The white walls were making us dizzy, but potential was seen with the tray ceiling and chandelier (matched the lighting in the kitchen & entryway).   So we decided to stay with the gray tones that were in the light fixture.  My inspiration was from Decor Pad:


I love the gray tones...but there's a brown and blue hint.  I wanted the walls to reflect those colors and then find an ebony table set and re-upholster the seats with stripes of black, brown and gray.

So we first picked our paint colors: (Sherwin-Williams)

SW7667 - Zircon (two walls) & SW7643 - Pussywillow (accent wall)
Sherwin-Williams - Pussywillow SW7643 by Sherwin-WilliamsSherwin-Williams - Zircon SW7667 by Sherwin-Williams

I went to Joann fabrics and found the following fabric print for the seat covers.  It was perfect and on sale!  We also got fabric for the curtains.  The fabric was the same but the colors were the tan and black.  The black will be on the base of the curtains with the body being a light tan.

Next, it was time to start hunting down some furniture.  I started trolling Craigslist for formal dining room tables and got a hit on a moving sale.  The table was an antique with a bad finish.  The seller was willing to part with it and six chairs for $70!  I bought it and got to work with the dulling process of sanding, staining (table), and painting (chairs).  I don't have the finished pictures yet since I still need to put the polyurethane coat on them.  So far they look great. :)

Before picture of the formal dining room.  (Previous owners furniture)

Here is a picture after painting.  

The table & Chairs (Before & During Refurbishing)

During this whole process I was constantly keeping an eye out for a china cabinet.  Matt had me on Craigslist probation, so it was all price watching.  I found a small simple one for only $30!  I tried calling Matt to get the final ok, but he didn't answer and we were running out of I talked with his brother and he went and checked it out and bought it!  Yay!  It needs to be painted to match the table... but I'm a pro at that now.. right? :)  It just needs paint, new fixtures, a light and glass shelving.  I'm thinking of lining the back too with some decorative wallpaper... and the drawers.  Oh yeah... she's gonna be a beaut! 

...stay tuned... 


  1. i absolutely love how amazing your living room looks with the gray shades ... so much better than the previous owners!

    i can't wait to see when you are all done with the chairs and table!

  2. You rock Kathy!!! I LOVE seeing the rooms of your home come together. The wall colors look fab and so does your refinishing work. Sometimes I snoop on the PW "home" group to see what you all are up to! Craigslist is the absolute best when it comes to deals! :) Hope you post pics of the final result.


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