Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How's the wedding planning going?

This is by far the most famous question we get these days.  I find it more enjoyable than past life changing questions we've gone through (shall we reminisce?)

- How's school? (commonly asked when home from college during break...or random visits)
- You still in school? (commonly asked when we've been around home longer than expected.  The questioner is wondering if the you're still in school... graduated...or a dropout)
- When are you guys getting married? (Apparently people don't believe in long courtships anymore)
...which leads us to our current life question:
How's the wedding planning going? 
Well, to be honest.  Great!  We've been having a blast shoveling out large amounts of money for 12 hours of ceremony & celebration.  (<--Sarcasm infused)
haha... no, to be honest...I feel as if wedding planning is something I was born to do.  All my young years of bargain shopping is finally paying off!  We have a goal not to be in debt the day after our wedding.  "How are you managing this?", you may ask  Well, we decided to have a long engagement...21 months to be exact.  So we had time to pay things off here and there.  :)
So we have four months to pay off some bills... and then it's happily ever after!

...and people asking us "So, when are you having kids?"...Will it ever be enough? :)



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