Sunday, June 20, 2010

How Rude!

I can just imagine you all yelling at us for being completely MIA for the last couple weeks!  I mean, who do we think we are prematurely entering the blogging world without the know-how to understand proper blogging etiquette??  It's rude to post a plethora of posts with utmost consistency and then drop off without so much as an "Under Construction" sign.  Well, we hang our heads in shame...or moreover I do.  Matt still hasn't even begun to post.  Frankly, that is one of the reasons why we've been "inactive".  What are the other reasons excuses, you may ask?
1) Turns out my place of employment has a weird block set on this website.  I used to be able to post/commment during my lunch break but now I have no sign-in capabilities.  I'm still viewing all your lovely blogs to my hearts content!
2) So why don't I blog when I get home?  My home computer is scandalously old!  I purchased her my first day of college...8.5 years ago!   She's sputtering whenever I try to open a search engine.
3) What about Matt's computer?  "ding ding ding"...we have a winner!  Matt's sleek laptop is a bloggers dream.  But he keeps "forgetting" to oist...rude...very rude.

Matt went to go visit his family for the I've stolen borrowed the sleek machine and I'm begging for your forgiveness.  Please understand how much I've missed you all...and my life in words.  :)

Ok...let's post some fun stuff!


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