Wednesday, September 29, 2010

:::DVR Love:::

I'm a recovering tv junkie.
Planning our wedding for 21 months forced me to neglect my daily tv devotion.  I think that was a good thing.  I say this mainly because I'm now the proud owner of a DVR! I can record all my favorite shows and spend a rainy Saturday catching up...without commercials!!  (except those e*trade ones...haha...those are my favorite commercials by far!)

So what shows do I make sure I'm up to date with?
Desperate Housewives - Sunday @ 9pm
So there's a new girl on the street?  And did anyone else have a hard time getting used to Carlos' lack of beard?!  He looks 15 years younger!

The Gates - Sunday @ 10pm
Twilight fans would love this series!  Vampires, werewolves, and other "special" people living in the same community!  It's on break till Summer, but believe me I'll be there for season 2!

Criminal Minds - Wednesday @ 9pm
I don't know if it's Shemar Moore who keeps me coming back for "moore" (haha...just had too).  This show is my fall back any time of day.  You can find reruns on at any time of day... love it!

Grey's Anatomy - Thursday @ 9pm
I've been hooked since the beginning...since Meredith and Derrick were just co-workers. lol

The Office - Thursday @ 9pm
My sister got me hooked.  I then sucked Matt in and he's more a fan than  I am.  I secretly wish I worked at an office like this. lol

Private Practice -  Thursday @ 10pm
As a Grey's fan I had to follow Addison to this spin-off.  It still has my attention.  Though Taye Diggs doesn't have to try that hard.

Matt is all about The Office and somehow he got hooked on The Real Housewives - New Jersey.  Not sure how that happened...but every week he asks me if they're coming back for another season.  I should look into that for him...

So there you have it...


  1. Have you ever watched Modern Family? I think you (and Matt) would totally love it. It's right up there with The Office and 30 Rock. And you can catch up on last season on Hulu.

    Hulu. The best invention since the internet. For free.

  2. I love criminal minds and the office. My hubby is a huge fan of law & orders & 30 Rock (among others). He is the TV junkie haha..

  3. Oh...I love Law & Order SVU...but I still just watch the reruns.
    Tami, I have watched Modern Family...hilarious! I need to catch back up on! (They have free shows too!)

  4. I use to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy like a crazy in the beginning. Now I have no clue what is going on in either show. :(

    I never got into The Housewives of NJ. But I know that I could!

    And The Office is another show I wish I could have.

    Modern Family looks so good.

    But if I watched everything I wanted to watch that is all I would do. I need to get another hobby besides watching TV and blogging, lol.

    p.s. i am soooo excited to report that i can post on your blog at work now! thank you.thankyou.


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