Monday, September 20, 2010

Throwing out the Laundry...

Well, the washer and dryer.  We were loaned a  temporary set by Matt's brother and wife.  It's done us well as we've been transitioning.  Well, we got slightly spontaneous on Sunday and went out and bought a new set from HH Gregg.  In fair argument they were having a weekend sale on W/D's.

So what can a newly married couple (Or any one for that matter) do to get a good deal on a washer and dryer? 
- Research, research, reasearch!  Make sure you find the model you love and need!  Think about the future and the capacity you will be needing.
- Find the store with the cheapest price.  That can be an easy internet search...but going into stores is fun too.
- Look for floor models (aka "Out of the Box").  They are normally marked down over $200 because they were returned (either too big for a house, change of mind, scratches, or discontinued by the store)
- Offer to pay cash.  This works for furniture stores too.  They can offer you discounts if you're not financing.

So like we said, we got a bargain that we could not pass up.  I've never been so excited to do laundry before!
Here's a before picture of our lil & cute laundry room...(It always looks like this lol)  I plan to be a lot more organized with a "crisp & clean" theme.

We ended up choosing the Whirlpool Duet Steam in white!  We splurged and got the bottom drawers too...but then again, with the deal we got they were pretty much 50% off.  Yay for negotiations!  Since the room is so small too we figured all the storage space we could squeeze in the better. 
They just got delivered so I don't have updated pictures yet... I wish the above picture was my laundry room though. lol  That would be awesome!  Actually I really like those colors.  Hm...I feel very inspired all of a sudden.  Greens and yellows... stay tuned!


  1. that is the cutest washer and dryer ever! i so would be excited to do laundry if i had that! LOL.

    can't wait to see pics!

  2. You must post the end result pics with them in your actual room :) We'll be waiting to see!

  3. Isn't it weird to get excited about appliances and laundry? But yet, I'm finding myself doing a happy dance for you! What's happening to us?! :)


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