Tuesday, October 26, 2010

False Advertising

Growing up I've always been a huge commercial buff!  And let's be honest...they get better with time.  I mean, the baby E*trade commercials are the best right now!  Just plain classic goodness in my eyes. 

So imagine me at 10 years old when I get exposed to the ever so popular Tropicana commercial featuring the straw in the orange. 

Now you need to understand some background in my childhood.  I didn't enjoy peeling fruit.  It was a weird situation to me that I had to take skin off to get to something edible.  Rather than de-skin I resorted to foods such as applesauce, yogurt and smoothies for my fruit intake.   Then I discovered the apple slicer and that opened up new doors...and also a completely different story. 
So back to the orange situation.  Was it really that easy to get fresh orange juice?!   
I tried it.  I got an orange... broke three straws trying to puncture a hole, so I went and got a screwdriver which did the trick.  I then proceeded to stuff a straw into the orange and suck till my cheeks hurt.  Nothing.  I think I got a pulp chunk but that was as satisfying as it got.  
I felt betrayed.
Lied to.
Made a fool. 

It was then that I swore off oranges...unless they were pre-peeled.


  1. Hahaha! I've always wanted to try that! Flipping Tropicana!

  2. Hehee, I hope your parents kept you busy when you were little. Sounds like you were the very curious type. :D

    There's still lots of false adverts around, I hate it! lol

  3. Hahahahaha, too funny! Seriously, I think everyone wondered if they could do it ... but probably not many of us attempted, hehe.


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