Friday, October 8, 2010

The Good Wife Dinner!

I love to cook.
I just never get enough time during the week to actually make a great meal.  I'm always down to trying new recipes. So when I stumbled on A Mama with Flavor through Faith's blog I pretty much felt like I hit the jackpot in inspiration!   To top it off, Matt had to work late last night so I had an extra hour to prepare!! 
I decided to make Salmon & Spinach in Phyllo with a side of asparagus and Lemon Rosemary Skillet Potatoes. Both recipes were super easy to follow... though I had some trouble finding the frozen Phyllo dough!  (It's in the freezer with pies and cream puffs). 
I wanted to capture some pics while I worked on the Salmon Phyllo wrap... but do you know how hard it is to do that when your hands are caked with oil and spinach??!  (lol...It got a little intense for awhile).  Once Matt got home he helped me out and took some pics. 
First is a picture of my apron in action!  It was a wedding present...and I just love it!

While making the potatoes I decided to use our new electric skillet.  I was so excited as I took it out of the box...only to find out it still had some assembling to do.  That didn't make me happy.  I had to bust out a Phillips head screwdriver in the middle of my dinner preparation.  rude.

 I was not amused.

My favorite part was collecting some Rosemary from my indoor herb garden!   The plants have gotten so big since we first planted them!  Super easy project!!

This is the meal all done and ready!  The salmon was ok (this is coming from a person who does not east fish)  I ate it all.  The cream cheese inside of the phyllo really complimented the salmon.  The potatoes were out of this world!! 

Yay... Good Wife!

Yay...Stud Happy Hubby!


  1. That looks so good! I want to make it so bad. I told Sean about her blog and that every time we go shopping, I will pick up the ingredients to make a new meal!

    I wonder if you could substitute salmon with chicken ...

  2. hm... Chicken sounds like a great substitute. Just make sure it's precooked...and chopped or shredded??
    or even Turkey!

  3. Ok- I'm going to look up her blog too! I want to cook stuff :)

    That dinner sounds AMAZING!! I might have to try it out this weekend. I love roasted-red-rosemary potatoes. And I totally understand how it makes it even more fun when you can pick the rosemary from your own garden.

    Yummy fun!

  4. Glad you tried this! How sweet that you and your husband work together. I love that. Again, thanks for trying this, made me smile :)

    Chicken sounds like a lovely idea! If you use chicken, definitely sear it at least! Don't precook it all the way through- you don't want the chicken to dry out, just add a nice brown color to it. The wrap it and it'll cook through in the oven :)

  5. Kathy, I have to say I LOVE the second picture of you with the phillips head....your eyes say it all girl HA! Food looked good and it's awesome how you two got the team work thing down :)

  6. Kathy I seriously love you...your posts crack me up and bring a smile to my face daily. All I have to ask that a super old Strongsville track t-shirt? :) haha...xoxo

  7. Really nice looking apron. You really didn't look happy about that assembly, lol. But you managed it well, and the meal turned out beautifully. Well done you! :D


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