Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guest Bedroom Makeover's not called the guest bedroom because my little sister put down claims on it.  I like calling it the blue room even though I despise the color all together.  It's really the future nursery... but don't Jen I told you.  haha.
So here you have it...the blue room with the killer walk-in closet.  I've decided to work with the blue.   I mean let's be honest...when I get preggo I'll go into a nesting frenzy and paint the whole room yellow or something.  So for now... it'll be the blue Jen's room.

If you look really close you can probably see the dark line around all the molding...and around the inside of the window and the painted molding above the closet...yeah, that's all going back to white as it should be!   I got my inspiration for this room from HGTV.  I'm not crazy about the compass looking art...but I love the color scheme!

So I already went shopping at my favorite boutique...aka ebay...and found the perfect comforter set!  And it was free shipping!  You know I jumped on that in a heartbeat!

So now we wait for the set to arrive!  We already have all the furniture...though we could use a dresser of some sort.  (Craigslist here I come...)

I promise to post more when  things start coming together!


  1. I totally feel special that I was in on the re-decorating convo. This set is going to look crazy great! Can't wait for updated pictures!

    And um, is my room the other one? Because I need a room. Ok, I'll share with Faith because she's totally cute. Please put our name on it. Thank you.

  2. haha... I heart you! You two were awesome in helping me decide what direction to go with this room! I will miss the West Helm quilt for some time...maybe it will go on sale and I can switch it out seasonally?! I can put your name on the damask room... no prob! :)

  3. i can't wait to see everything put together! going to be gorgeous!

    you have inspired me to get our guest room looking like a guest room. it is so boring in there. boo.

    Tams, I don't mind sharing with you either. I think the room should be called Tamith .. how does that sound to you Kathy?

  4. haha... I can work with "Tamith"...or "Fami"!

  5. I love that color scheme!!! I wish we had a guest room. my daughter is very happy to give up her room to sleep with me!

    I won't tell your sister, hell,. that is a nice room, i'd call dibs on it, too!

  6. Hi! *waves shyly*
    I absolutely love that color palette too! I hope you are able to make your room look like that.

  7. Ooh, I love the colors for now, the bed set is going to look great in the room. ANd that closet! Don't get me started!


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