Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guest Room Retreat

So excited to be posting this update on one of my decor projects!  This has been a long vision finally coming to life!  I posted a couple days ago on our "blue room" guest room but we have another one next door that needed some lovin' too.
Here are some before shots when we were just about to paint.  Yeah, that Predator poster in the corner ended up in the closet...on it's way to the man cave basement!  muuwaaahahahaha

And a look of the room after we were done painting!

We finished painting this room about a year ago, so it just sat there empty all this time.  The plan was to move my old bed set in here...but that was going to have to wait until after the wedding.  Well that day finally arrived and we did the big move!  I purchased the comforter set from ebay and the sheets we already had.  I plan to switch out accent colors through the year... but for now maroon is working for me.  :)  I still need to hang some decor on the wall, so I'll post when that's fully complete.  But you get the overall look already. 

I got the idea to diy some drawer liners from YHL!  It's wrapping paper adhered with High Gloss Mod Podge!  It was super easy...and look how perfectly it matches the dust ruffle on the bed and random storage box I found in the closet (sitting on top of dresser)
Yay for old chemistry textbooks!...haha.  I have an idea I'll try a little later than involves covering those books in cute paper... we'll see though.

I have some "Live Laugh Love" metal words that I could hang up above the head... haven't decided yet. 

So, there you have it!  One guest bedroom ready for some company!  Stay tuned... I have some pics of the blue room bedspread to share.  Go figure I now need to go out and purchase some Euro pillows!  (They're square?!)

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  1. This looks great!!!! I love the maroon accent.

  2. it looks great! i can't wait to sleep in that bed! ;)

  3. I am absolutely IN love with the wall color!! And really adore how you pulled everything together. Nice job my friend!

    Euro pillows are 26"x26". Usually used for decorative purposes only- but certainly add interest to the top of the bed. A quick online search showed you can pick some up for $9.99 at Target.

  4. Nice find Tams! I three two of them onto my registry (since I get a 10% discount for items on there for 3 months after the wedding...yay!) plus I have a gift card to use up! :)


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