Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costumes...check

I love dressing up.  Since I was little I've always enjoyed halloween because I was able to dress up as whatever I wanted to be!  My first costume I was a cat (I don't even like cats... or more over they don't like me).  The following years I went as a ballerina, ghost, 50's girl, cheerleader, hobo, cheerleader, 50's girl, cheerleader, hobo, clown (now terrified of them), hobo, french maid, 50's girl.  Yeah, I recycled costumes a lot.

So it's no surprise that Matt and I are recycling some costumes for this year.  We actually made these last year, but only wore them to give out candy to the kids.  This year we're taking them out on the town for two parties!  Matt has always seen himself as a cowboy...and I had a crush on Pocahontas growing up.

So there you have it.  Cowboy & Indian.  And we are so rockin' it.
(pictures from Halloween 2009 as we waited for the trick or treaters to arrive)

But the best part about our costumes is that they are completely homemade!  No joke...
Matt of course had it easy.  We picked up the vest from goodwill.  We did purchase his accessories from the party store...(the child in him insisted he get guns...and caps) but all in all we found all his items in the closet.

I purchased fabric from Joann Fabrics and did the ol' cut & tie.  It was time consuming, but it well worth it!  I even used some of the extra scraps to tie onto my fab fall suede boots.  Got some feathers and beads and made a headpiece too.  :)

Halloween 2010... here we come!

Disclaimer: We're fully aware of how ridiculous we may look posing all over our house in costume.  But we believe strongly in capturing a memory to the extent of overkill.  We'd like to think our kids will thank us later.


  1. you two are too cute~ great costumes!

  2. Kathy, are you karate-chopping hubs in the first picture? Did Indians know karate? Lol.

    Love these costumes and I love even more that they are homemade.

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again- you guys are ADORABLE!!!

  3. I am very impressed that you made that! Cute couple costume!

  4. You two look so darn cute! What a fun couple!!!!

    Props on the homemade costume!!!

    I made 2 of my children's costumes....when you see you'll see I didn't do very well! HEHE!

    Have a fun safe weekend!

  5. hahahaha, how did i miss this post?! this makes me smile! i love that your costumes are homemade! so brilliant you are! can't wait to see some more pictures from this wknd!!

  6. Hahaa, my husband and I are just like you two, we like to think that our children will thank us too!

    It's all about having fun isnt it, do your thing. Great craftiness too!


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