Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Married Life Check Up #5

My husband is spontaneous.
I'm...not so much...unless we plan it out.

The one thing that we found out after I moved into our house was that I needed a daily routine to function normally.  Not kidding...those first few weeks I was going a little crazy not being able to "finish" everything.  I was like a fish out of water.  It occurred to me that I was living with someone who had lived alone in our house for an entire year.  He had a routine down already.  While poor me came home from work and just went on a rampage rearranging the kitchen, blogging, cleaning, checking my e-mail, blogging, reorganizing the closet, blogging, and watching my shows.  I went to bed exhausted every night and just unsettled by unfinished  tasks.

"I think pocket calendars make great gifts" 

No joke.  I am that crazy organized person.  I like to have specific tasks that I manage each day.  (You don't want to know how I was when we were planning our wedding...but you can see for yourself on my Project Wedding planning page)
My daily tasks don't have to be mandatory...but I can't be doing laundry every other day.  Nope...not gonna happen. :)  My precious hubby is not a list person, and that's A-OK.  At least he's super supportive of my quirks!  Besides, I already jumped on board with some of his routines. (Cuddle time on the couch while watching the Sunday football game and reading our books together each night).

So what do I need to organize?:

  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • DIY projects
  • TV (<--no joke)
  • Workouts
  • Activities

So off I go to the store to get a dry erase board for the back door, calendar, post-it notes and magnetic check excited!

Oh... had to share this picture of the day...
It's my hubby doing what he does best on laundry day...seriously sat there for at least 5 min without knowing I was watching.  I call it "Keepin' a Eye on Things" ('s his first front-loading washing machine)


  1. hahaha, you are the opposite of me when it comes to organizing things! that is soooo Sean, hahaha.

    what exactly is Matt doing? hahahaha. soooo funny!!! :)

  2. I think we are cut from the same cloth. I carry my trusty little note book of "to do lists" around with me everywhere I go. I've even taken it with me when I walk the dog, just so I can jot a few things down. And Post-It Notes... yes, they are the love of my life. But it's true though- I feel so much more "at ease" when I have things organized, charted, and plotted out. So funny that you are the same way.

    I think it's the funniest and sweetest thing that Hubs is still so enthralled with your (fabulous) front-load washer.

  3. I'm like yourself, a note person, but my husband takes the cake. He keeps books to organize his notes. hahaa

    and hey, if I had a great looking washing machine like that, I'd stare into it too :D


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