Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A "Sweetest Day" Wedding (cont'd)

I posted some teasers from my friend's wedding a couple days ago.  I wanted to share some more that I took on their wedding day!  Seriously gorgeous wedding!!  So happy for them!

Congratulations Jared and Kristin
October 16, 2010

...and me and the hubs!


  1. Oh, she looks so nervous and cute before- and then after... just so happy. What a sweet and wonderful wedding!

    And how cute are you Kathy?! You are rocking that bridesmaid dress!! (what an awesome color one you!). Faaaabulous daaaaling. Just fabulous.

  2. so i am annoyed! i just saw that my post on this yesterday never saved! ugh. i must not have typed the word verification correctly, boo.

    if i remember correctly i said, i absolutely love Fall weddings. the rich colors make me so happy.

    i also said how gorgeous you look in your BM dress and what a beautiful couple you and Matt make ... awesome looking babies on the way, hehe.

    now i can go to sleep in peace!

  3. i meant *incorrectly*

    & it almost did it again. i have to type slowly when i do the verification.

  4. Congratulations to the very beautiful bride. You and the hubs looked goreous too!


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