Friday, October 1, 2010

Married Life Check Up #2

wow... utter fail to me for forgetting to make my Wednesday Married Life Check Up!   Ok, well at least I remembered.  :)
So we're quickly approaching our 1 month anniversary!  Don't worry, we're not planning on celebrating it.  We'll most likely rent a movie and stay in lounging on the couch. haha...yeah, we're that couple.  Well, married life so far is still going great.  We went into it knowing we would have disagreements, so we're actually enjoying how we have learned to compromise with each other.  We've been setting some goals for each other though.

  1. Be more healthy: Leading up to the wedding, we were on daily workout schedules.  Now...not so all.   I've already begun to notice the "changes" on my body.  Matt must be concealing it well, but either way we're going to start working out together.  I got him a punching bag for his birthday so we'll be setting up that and and treadmill down in the basement.  As for our diets...we're working on Matt's Coke habit (<--the pop)
  2. Decorate for  Fall...before it's over: I don't know why we're not all over this!  It's our favorite time of we're so psyched to deck the house out in fall/Halloween decor... but for some reason we haven't busted out one pumpkin.  Shame to us.  We should be getting some outdoor stuff tomorrow though.  :)
  3. Figure out the closet situation: Upon the big move-in on my part we managed to organize the closet to include all my clothes...and shoes!  Well, at least that's what we thought until I opened up that random box sitting in the hallway and discovered about 30 pairs I forgot I had... awkward.  I promised myself I wouldn't kick Matt out of our now I'm considering making a shoe closet in the walk-in closet of the "future nursery" (<--yes, we plan to be parents one the a year from now for those of you who insist on asking me daily "How are you feeling?")
  4. Help each other out: This is our "serious" goal (because we can't be all laughs all the time...that would be inappropriate and unrealistic to many).  I had a revelation the other night that I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with keeping the house together.  I'm not fully unpacked and the chores are piling up.  Matt was so sweet and said that he needed to step up and start helping out around the house.  I never doubted he would if I just asked...but hearing him offer like that made my heart go "pitter pat".  (translation: "yay, you rock my world hunky hubby of mine")
  5. Say those three words: We say "I love you" to each other like 20 times a day.  But we always make it a point to say so right before going to bed.  Try staying angry after can't do it.  :)
So we're good.  Real good.  We have huge plans for the house and for each stay tuned!


  1. Lol. "awkward"... classic. I just found an "extra" box of shoes too! Make sure and let me know about your shoe closet bc. I've been trying to come up with creative ways to deal with the shoe situation too!

    You guys, and your love, make my heart melt! Yeay for 1 month anniversaries!!!

  2. i have the closet situation as well, but the other way around. when he moved in, there's no room for his stuff we had to buy more furniture. well, i started to invade his closet as well.

    yay to helping each other and i love yous!

  3. hahaha, tell me about the shoes! it is crazy how much more space i need than Sean! :)

    it is so true. saying i love you before going to bed after you have had a lil argument is key! you can't be mad after that, lol.

    can't wait to read these every Wednesday ... even if they don't happen to fall on a Wednesday! ;)


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