Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Married Life Check Up #7

The Gift of Helpfulness
It's amazing how much the act of helping can affect a relationship.  To some it's all about "give and take".  But if you take the time to really help each other, you learn each others strengths and weaknesses...along with having the opportunity to spend time together.  Matt and I established early on our respectable chores around the house.   Mine were primarily inside while his were outside.  Well that lasted for about 2 days. lol 
We just help each other with whatever needs to be done.  If I'm running late from work, Matt gets dinner started.  If he's too tired from his I'll get some yard work done.  No big deal...together things are getting accomplished and we're enjoying each others company! 

I just got some more wedding pictures from my cousin that I just had to share.  It fits this segment because it focuses on our flower girl and ring bearer.  They were so helpful and reminding us how fast life flies by.  I could see myself in my flower girl and it was crazy thinking I was getting married and starting a family of my own.  :)  In a way they helped us to stay in the moment and just enjoy ourselves. 


  1. I like how you two have rolled with the changes from what you set up. Sometimes I'm so rigid in what we agree to- I forget what the big picture is. I need to remember helpfulness and flexibility are key ingredients to a successful partnership.

    And your flower girl and ring bearer- are just precious. Totally and absolutely precious.

  2. I agree with Tami, they are so precious. Love the little mohawk!

  3. aww, your FG and RB are adorable!

    it is true ... it is amazing how much you find each other's weakness and strengths. marriage is such an amazing journey!

  4. Awww loving the photos :) It's so healty to keep things in perspective- you two sound like an awesome team!


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