Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Married Life Check Up #8

In sickness and in health... 

Believe it or not, that was the point in our vows when I cracked and started crying.  I didn't entirely realize we would be challenged in that area two weeks later!  Since we've been married, I've managed to get sick twice and succeed in having my most klutziest two months ever!  I mean, who cuts their hand open will putting their hair up in a ponytail?!  Ironically, by hubby remains relatively unscaved and has proven his immunity to disease.

So we come to the "big accident" that occurred this past Sunday before we left for church.  Please imagine the scenario with me.  You're eating breakfast (fabulous powdered sugar waffles) when you realize you're running late for church.  You race up the stairs only to stumble and face plant in between the 5th and 6th stair.  You're in shock.  Did that really happen?  You assess the damage and realize nothing is broken...and yet question how common it is to fall going up the stairs.  Then you count your blessings that you weren't going down the stairs.  That's when you see your knee...or moreover the missing layer of skin from your knee.  (5 points for staining the 6th stair).  That's when the pain kicks in.  That's when you begin to whimper as the pain shoots through your leg. (Enter: Knight in Shining Armor) Hubby finds me sitting there holding my leg and proceeds to pick me up and carrying me into the bathroom.  He then runs down the hall to get his first aid kit (By far one of his favorite purchases for the house... it's stocked solid with items I'm sure we'll never need... like the road side glow stick..)
Anywho, as he checks the wound for broken glass and venom...he decides it's time to bust out the alcohol wipes for cleansing.  The fact that pain will now be administered from him to me must seem ironic since I normally do the wound tending in the house.  So the smile he has on his face as he approaches me with that poison wipe has me going into shock.  He didn't have to smile... it hurt.  a lot.  I think I hit him on the shoulder too.

The last thing I remember he was slapping on a band-aid and telling me to hurry up because we were now officially running late for church. sickness and in health.

p.s. Windex gets blood out of carpet.  (<--you are welcome)


  1. Oh Kath you poor thing- and your poor KNEE!! I was able to visualize the scenario perfectly (thanks to your excellent writing abilities) and winced and laughed with you. Thank goodness for knights in shining armor, huh?

    And, just so you can feel better- a few years ago I did what you did and fell going UP a set of concrete steps and face planted. Left a nice scar above my lip ON MY FACE! Ugg.

  2. is it so horrible that i giggled? i just have this huge imagination and well, i see you falling up the stairs. i've done that quite a few times too!

    glad that your hubby is awesome and took good care of you ... hehehe! :)

  3. I am a total klutz without a shadow of a doubt. So happy my husband is patient with me, too!!

    Your husband is so sweet to come to your rescue...the smile is kind of sweet. I would have hurt my husband, too.

    Oh, and baby wipes works a treat, too!


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