Monday, December 20, 2010

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Syrup Pancakes

um....can we say yummy?

Matt introduced me to raspberry.  Before him I had never realized how delicious they were.  Well... the jams and syrups.  Still working on the berry itself. lol.  I need more juice.  Like watermelon and strawberry level of juice flow.
Anyways... Matt's parents brought us over some homemade raspberry syrup and I immediately made up some waffles to try it out.  It was delish!  So this past weekend I decided to try it out in pancakes...and heck...I threw in some chocolate chips too!

I first mixed up the batter with the chocolate chips and poured it onto the griddle.  I then poured the syrup on top.
 When I flipped them they didn't take all that long to cook.  The syrup definitely left a mess to clean, but they were so delectable I whistled while I cleaned. 
 ...a little powdered sugar action
 Matt added some more syrup on top of his, but I was happy enough with the cooked in flavor.  
My amazing hubby has now perfected the making of Ugandan ginger tea  and makes it on the regular.  (everyone makes it a different way...his is my favorite these days!)  He was so kind as to make some to accompany our breakfast.  :)  Wow... notice how I cleaned off my plate before the tea cooled...treadmill here I come...


  1. hahaha, i guess i need to give rasberries another shot. i don't eat it ever. had the real thing, hated it and have refused to try anything associated with the word.

    i love that mug! i need to get one for Sean that says, I love my wife. hahaha.

  2. Chocolate chip waffles? Hmmm... I should give it a try. I like the mug!

    My husband also loves tea with ginger. I think they should meet- they seem to have a lot in common :-)

  3. Ohhh... you are making me miss my beloved raspberry bush so much! . It was so tall and strong and every summer it would produce just the BEST raspberries ever! Unfortunately I always ate them right off the bush and never made anything so scrumptious looking as these pancakes!!

  4. Tams, are they easy to grow? I may attempt this in the summer. :) You're so funny!


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