Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Mommy Proud

This is the post to let you all know I did my mother proud as a housewife. 
I officially cooked my own turkey...for a Christmas dinner party of 6 last weekend.  Yup... all by myself.  And it was cooked through, moist and delicious.  I think if she would have been there watching my every seasoning add and chop...she would have shed a tear.  I made sure to picture text her all the stages of the dinner making process... she was replied in oozing pride-ness!  (definitely upped my favorite daughter status too)

So of course I had to get a gross picture of the 12 lb raw bird in all her naked glory.  
(She was getting her bath)
Then after scrubbing my hands for at least 10 min is scalding hot water I worked on the stuffing. (I have a salmonella fear.  It's legit...and therefore means my kitchen is ridiculously hygienic.  You can eat off my joke.  But then I would have to scrub the floor again, so that would be rude to me.  Don't eat off my floor.  Use the table with a placemat and plate...and silverware.)
So yeah,...the stuffing.   Remember.. the recipe is a secret.  muuwaaahahaha!
Smelling so yummy!

Half of the mixture was gently stuffed into the bird while the rest was molded into the infamous stuffing balls!

I then called on the hubster to help me get the bird into the bag...(LOVE THE BAG!)
Then she was put in to cook for 3 hours! 

This is the funny part.  I didn't actually get a good picture of the bird cooked.  I got so excited and when we removed the bag a wing fell off (that's how moist she was).  I felt bad...cause she looked funny.  So we just cut her up to pieces and arranged her on a plate with the stuffing balls for dinner.  Everyone inhaled it... so delish!  I didn't have much leftovers, but I managed to make:

- Pulled turkey BBQ sandwiches in the crockpot
- Turkey soup (to help fight my cold)
- Turkey & Bacon sandwich on rye

What are some of your left-over turkey recipes?! 


  1. Kathy... do you know what a big moment this is?! Cooking your first (successful) turkey is H-U-G-E!!! Bravo my dear. And how cute that you documented it all for your momma.

    P.S. I want a stuffing ball... BAD!!

  2. yay!!! congrats darling! i wish that you had taken a picture of the results!

    i am going to make that stuffing ball! i just like the idea of stuffing balls!

  3. Congratulations!!! You did it!!! I want to make stuffing balls too (I'm going to get that recipe!!!! mwahahahahaha!!!)

  4. The bag is awesome! I used it with my first turkey and it was so moist!

    Your leftovers sounds amazing, too. Glad everything was such a hit!

  5. That turkey was awesome :) I mean the stuffing balls were amazing as well, but my hats off to you for doing such a great job :) Now on to the secret santa gifts.....;)

  6. I need your cleaning skills! Or I just need you at my house :) Congrats on cooking your first turkey! I have yet to


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