Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Christmas Wrap-Up!

I definitely should have put up notice that I would be on vacation for 2 weeks!  I'm so awful!  I thought about all of my followers while I laid around at home getting cabin fever because of my boredom.  I get so frustrated with the home laptop that I couldn't motivate myself to upload some pictures for  the blog love.  Forgive me!
I'm back... and boy do I have a ton to share!

First off... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's holiday went well!  Matt and I had a great first Christmas.  I was nervous about the blending of traditions... but we made some of our own and it was super fun!  Well... minus the time my hubby decided to wake up to open presents:

Seriously?!  6:50 in the morning?!  I just about died.  My family makes there way out of bed around 10 am and Matt was practically jumping on the bed in excitement.  So of course I obliged.  I'm hoping this is the first and last time he performs this crazy a.m. ritual.

We first made some hot cocoa with Christmas tree marshmallows.  Yum!

Then we headed to the fireplace to open our stockings.  This was my first time doing Christmas stockings so I went a little overboard.  I had to counter-weight the stocking holder with a ball of rubber bands to keep it from  falling off the mantel! lol.  Needless to say... he loved his goodies.  Especially the over-abundance of chocolate!
 My stocking:
 Matt's stocking:
 Counter-weight for Matt's stocking:
We then headed to the tree to start the gifts.

Matt with the shiatsu back massager I got him (We both love that one! lol)

I also got him new PJ pants and robe, house slippers, speakers for his laptop, seat covers for his Jeep and neck ties.
Me with my new P-touch labeler!!!  (So...excited!!!  Please excuse the hair wrap lol)
I also got my new tennis shoes that I was totally drooling over... workout gear (giant ball, weighted ball, ankle weights), perfume and a wireless router
We then cleaned up and packed up the car with gifts for my side of the family.  On our way to my parents house...

I know many of you are wondering where my post of our outdoor decor is... and well, I forgot to take pics.  And we took them all down last weekend.  So... I'm sorry.  In my defense they were nothing special because we have larger plans for next year. :)


  1. Matt is such a big-little-kid, I love it. What a perfectly wonderful 1st Christmas you had K!! I loved everything from the falling-over-the-top marshmallows, the over flowing stockings, to all the gifts, to you in your adorable hair wrap. Merry Christmas doll!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a great first christmas with your husband! And nice presents from the two of you! You will poil your little;)

    Have a great 2011:)

  3. awww, what a great Christmas! i love how happy you both look in the pictures regardless of how early it is!

    we have huge plans for next year too! well, huge to me ... it will be minor to everyone else, hehe.

  4. I was wondering where you were :-)

    6:50am????? Whoa!!!!! I agree with Tammy - Matt is such a big-little kid :) Looks like you had a good time :-)


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