Friday, January 14, 2011

Daughter of a Seamstress

People don't usually understand what it's like to be the daughter of a seamstress.  It wasn't all perfectly tailored clothing growing up.  I learned at an early age how to use a needle and thread...but as I grew older I became less interested in the art.

- I remember when I was really little my mom would give me scraps of fabric which I would make little pillows for her wedding rings.  I would stuff them with cotton balls.  I started getting creative and one side would be blue with dad's initials and the other side pink with mom's.  I have no idea if she still has them.  But that was old school embroidery work right there.  Vintage handmade love pillows.

- Somehow Jenny (my little sister) never got nudged into sewing.  In fact, I don't even know if she knows how to sew a button right now.  Yup...I'm pretty sure she missed out on that life lesson.  Then again, they did get her piano lessons.  I didn't get them.  But she did.

- As we got older and started sporting the "torn jean" didn't like it.   We would wake up to find our jeans patched and hems too short to repair the damage we worked so hard on.

- When mom owned he own shop I used to go in every now and again to help out with simple work...or just clean the store.  Any time I attempted a sewing project of my own the needle would break or the thread would jam.  I ended up yelling at the machine and she would kick me out to cool off.   So... then I began to spend less time sewing.

Well now I'm getting motivated to try some projects that would require a sewing machine.  So imagine my mom's surprise when I send her a text today and we have this conversation:

Me: Do you have a sewing machine you don't use?
Mom: For who?
Me: Me
Mom: Ow!  All this long my child hated a machine and now she wants one?  Looks like a chicken fallin from the sky.
Me: LOL!...I was afraid you would make a scene over
Mom: Drop me in a bucket full of water and tell me I'm not wet!

Oh yeah... my mom rocks it like that.

Me : Mom : Jen


  1. I'm literally tearing up right now- for so many different reasons. I fell in love with your mom during your wedding. She... was phenomenal. But that little text convo? Made my heart swell. Big time. Not only is she beyond talented, and clearly loves her family more than the world, but she's FUNNY to boot!

    I *have* to meet your mom one day. I'm like, her biggest fan [that she's never met].

  2. hahaha, too funny! i think my mom would tell me the exact same thing.

    she did that to me when all of a sudden i began getting interested in cooking, lol.


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