Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DIY Mosaic Sunburst Mirror

This project was really exciting!  I have to give full credit to Bobi at Shoestring Sophistication.  She made this gorgeous sunburst mirror using a plastic charger plate.  Well I had a couple of those laying around the house from when I was planning the wedding so I figured I would give it a go for the blue room.  I added a little twist though.

- Charger Plate (from Old Time Pottery...had it from before)
- Spray Paint (From the garage)
- Mirror ($3 from Hobby Lobby)
- Beads ($2 from Hobby Lobby)
- 4 bags of dowels ($8 from Hobby Lobby)
- Hanging bracket (had in tool box)
Total: $13.00
This is a glue gun project...and  you will use a lot of glue!

All I had were gold chargers and I wanted brown...so I sanded it down and spray painted it using Krylon.  This is a one time process.  After the  paint dries you can not come back and respray it.  The solvent in the spray paint will eat up the original coat.  I learned this the hard way when I went to go touch up some scratches.  That's where the beads came in handy!
I then affixed the mirror to the center and began attaching the beads to the outside edge.  Make sure to make a nice seal along the edge of the mirror and plate. (Note: You will burn yourself a couple times...stay tough.  DIY projects aren't for the weak.)

 Then it was time to attach the dowels.  Unlike Bobi, I attached mine to the very bottom of the plate.  (I was excited that I didn't read her instructions carefully haha... but it still came out ok)  When they were all on there I glued in between each of them to make sure they were secure and then glued on the bracket to hang it on the wall.
 I then spray painted the dowels and flipped it over and sprayed the front.  This is when I tried to touch-up the scratches on the plate (they showed up gold) but the paint started eating itself... awesome.  So I got more beads and made a mosaic design to cover it up.
Now it was time to hang it up!

This was a really fun project!  I would definitely recommend it!  Thanks Bobi for the inspiration! 
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  1. K-dawg- you are killing me with all your creativity!! I'm loving this DIY mirror, how fun!? I actually like the additional beads better too- funny how some things like that work out. And it's a PERFECT addition to your blue room. Beautiful.

    Now can you please come do my place?

  2. I have been looking for something inexpensive that I can make or purchase that will take up some space on the walls in my room. And well, I think this is the project I'll be trying to recreate. It looks GREAT!

  3. you amaze me! you are incredible! WOW!

    i can't get over how good this looks! amazing job!

  4. I wish I could post a photo as my comment coz my jaw is dropping!!!!!!!!!!! For real! Wow!

    I want to be like you one day :)

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Seriously motivating to me to get more projects done! Smooches!!


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