Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DIY Upholstered Headboard

This was an extremely labor intensive project.  One that forced me to get help from my hubby.  I wouldn't say this is a possible project without an extra pair of hands.  In the end we had a blast working together and I learned a lot.  Plus who doesn't have fun with a staple gun?!

Total Cost approx $60

Materials: (For a Full Sized Bed)
- 1/4 inch plywood cut 4'8" x 4' (width x height)
- 2 Foam mattress pads (Size Full) or 2in foam sheet
- 2 yards of Basting
- 2 yards of fabric of your choice (Upholstery works best)
- Staple gun
- Spray adhesive
- Heavy Duty hanging brackets
- Fabric cover buttons
- Heavy Duty thread
- Extra long sewing needle
- Drill
- Jigsaw (optional if you want to cut a design on top.  We ended up not doing that)

I got most of my instructions for here Be Jane.

1) You can get the plywood at your local hardware store and they can cut it to dimensions for you too.  (I sent Matt to get that).  Before you even begin, my advise would be to mark where you would like your buttons to go and cut the holes.  We didn't do this until Step # 4 and it was a pain in the butt!!

2) Line the board with the foam.  I used mattress pad foam because it was a lot cheaper!  ($18 vs. $50).  It worked out just as well too!  I first sprayed a layer of spray adhesive to keep that first layer of foam in place.  Then I wrapped the foam around and stapled it to the board.

3) Next I laid on the fabric I chose to match the room.  Yay for fabric store sales! It was marked down 50%!  It's important for the fabric to be pulled as tight as possible.  You don't want it to be a loose fit.  
4) Now this is when we measure out where the buttons were going to go.  It was such a headache trying to measure the board when all the fabric was on the edge, so we advise you do this before laying on the layers.  We cut one large hole and one small hole.  The goal was to thread through the small hole to the front of the board and come back through the large hole.  (The idea was that it would be easier to guide the needle to a large hole)
4) Follow the directions on the back of the button pack to make them.  If your fabric is really thick it'll be pretty hard.  My mom helped me get these done, but I still ended up hot gluing a couple in utter frustration. lol  Sewing them on was a little easier, but still time consuming.  Matt helped me by pushing hard on the button so that we got that "tight" look. (Hottie alert!)

 5) I don't have any pictures of me trying to hang this madness on the wall but it was... interesting.  We had those heavy duty picture hooks that hold 50lbs.  It's important to find a wall stud because they do pull on the wall.  After much sweat and tears I got it up on two hooks. 

...now to tackle decorating the rest of the room!  Stay tuned to see some of the ideas I've come up with.  Oh, but of course I'll  give you a sneak peek...

...Got this floor vase and grass from Hobby Lobby (Total - $9)

  ...and a DIY decorative mirror project under works

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  1. OMG!!! I am soooo freaking impressed!

    Are you serious right now?! You did that!?! If I didn't like you, I would be downright jealous! Like green with envy jealous! I want to be that creative and crafty!

    Sorry about that little moment ... I love it! You and hubby did such a great job!

  2. Oh, Kath! I'm sitting here slack-jawed. Not only does it look FABULOUS, but it doesn't look DIYed!! And- isn't that the biggest compliment... when a DIY project looks store bought? It is in my book.

    And how cool for all the little/big lessons you learned too. Nice work my friend. You deserve proper praise for this one baby!!

    And your "blue room" is coming together VERY nicely!

  3. It looks amazing! Great teamwork.

  4. You are so creative! I'm taking notes lol.

  5. Great job! This came out beautiful.

  6. Wow!!!!! It looks soooooooo good!!!!

  7. What a great job! You make me wanna whip out my tools and make one too!

  8. Looks like a professional job. Very nice!

  9. That headboard came out absolutely fabulous! A phenomenal job. Love the colors of the room. But please tell me you're going to change that curtain!


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