Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I listen to music too.

Besides everything else I do in my spare time...I like my life set to music.  If I could have a soundtrack to my life I would have to say that I would definitely have to have the following artists involved.  But for now they will be the revolving door on my ipod touch.

1) Sara Bareilles - omg I just love her music.  I can honestly say there isn't one I don't mind listening to over and over again.  Currently obsessing over "King of Anything" from her Kalediscope Heart album. (Listen to it free on her website!)
2) Natalie Grant - her vocals are out of this world.  My Father-daughter dance was actually to her song "Always Be Your Baby".  Love. 

3) Jimmy Needham - whoa.  Think Gavin Degraw with a touch of Maroon 5... love his faith filled ballads.  I mean... love.  Plus he has this crazy love for his wife that he just lets hang out there... gotta give the guy some props.

off to listen to some more....


  1. I've never heard of Sara Bareilles. I'll have to check her out! I'm always on the hunt for great new music. I feel like I stick too closely to my tried and true favs and need to branch out a bit. Gimme more!!

  2. haha... you asked for it! I'll post some more music favs for ya!

  3. Sara Bareilles has such an amazing voice! i've never heard of the other two but i have a feeling they are awesome because you have great taste!

  4. Yes I like Sara B. too but haven't heard of the others. Any man who proudly gushes about his love of his wife is A-OK in my book : )


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