Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm a Tease

...don't be judgy.

I'm a tease in a good way!  I told you about my 2011 resolution to get things done around the house on a monthly basis and I made quite a challenge for myself for January.  But I'm happy to say I checked a couple off my list this weekend.   Thing is... I'm not posting the "after" pics yet.  You'll have to be patient with that.  Hopefully I can get some shots tonight and post tomorrow morning.   So what did I do?! 

1) Office - Organized and Functional! 
All I can say for now is we have a new printer cart (Craigslist...yay!), I put our movies/video games in alphabetical order, and everything has a place!

2) Blue Room - Foam padded headboard 
Wow.. this was a project!  It  took all day Saturday because of the shopping aspect and just figuring out how to get the buttons attached... ugh!   But it looks fabulous and Matt is setting it up in the room tonight.  

3) Hobby Lobby Craziness
I found some awesome decorating ideas online and went a little nuts in Hobby Lobby.  But they were having a crazy sale, so that's all I'll say.  But it's all for the blue room.  So I hope to have a final reveal for that room by next weekend!  Yeah...the shopping was that crazy. 

...stay tuned!! 


  1. You really *are* such a tease K! I can't wait to see/hear about all the fund changes you've made- especially that headboard!

    Don't you just love productive weekends?

  2. i can't wait to see, you little tease!

    i'll be stalking you tomorrow!

  3. You go girl! My husband just replaced our kitchen faucet on Sunday. That's about as DIY as I've gotten over the last month... and I didn't even do it! hahaha


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