Monday, January 24, 2011

It's all about the X's and O's

Well, with the average temperature this weekend being about 4 degrees...we tried to stay indoors as much as possible.  So the snowman building quest was an epic fail.  :(  But I did get motivated to start on some Valentine's Day decor projects.  I've never decorated for Valentine's Day...and frankly the amount of time the decor is out on display is too short for me to justify spending money on it.  So the challenge I have is to decorate all lovey dovey with things around the house.  I accepted this challenge.  And it all began on Friday.

DIY Floral Heart Wreath
- Wire hanger
- Red tissue paper (from the Christmas stash)
- Rose Petals (leftover from the wedding
- Glue gun & glue-sticks (Always in stock!)

1) Mold the hook of the wire hanger into a loop and bend the hanger down to make the dip for the heart.  Continue molding until you get the heart shape you want.

2) Cut the tissue paper into strips and begin wrapping it around the hanger.  Glue it as you go and make sure you're adhering it to both itself and the wire.   This is giving the wreath a base to apply the petals to.

3) Next take the petals and start gluing 4-5 pieces together to make faux flowers.  (Gluing the edge of the petals together.)  Then take each bundle and start gluing to the wreath.  Fill in all the gaps on the sides, but don't worry about the back.  I would recommend coverimg the back with some loose petals or even wax paper/plastic wrap to protect the door or wall from getting any color transfer from the tissue paper... if it gets wet or moist.

4) You're all done now... so hang it up!

...other decor around the house

In the formal dining room I filled the apothecary jar with some petals and grouped it with our unity candle vase.

The feather wreath got a bow makeover also from the Christmas stash.

lots more to come... I just need to find time to go by my mom's to borrow her sewing machine...and find time to melt down my old school Crayola crayons!  (yeah, it's gonna be some crazy good times!)


  1. I'm impressed...that looks like a lot more effort than the rag heart wreath I just made. It turned out great though (very romantic)!

  2. Awww! Everything look fabulous! Especially love the floral heart wreath- it came out fantastic!

    I have to get my move on and dig out my (2) Vday decorations too :)

  3. so cute! i love what you've done!

    i tried to convince the hubby that we needed valentine day decor and he said no. hahaha, like very seriously. if i was crafty, i would make something ... but since i suck at that, Sean wins.


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