Friday, January 14, 2011

Life as I know it

Since getting married my life has turned upside down.  In the best way possible.
I used to be rigidly set in my ways of over-planning, over-booking, and over-stressing.  I had to try and involve myself in every activity and pour all I had into every project.  It was a constant state of exhaustion.
Then I married Matt.
Now it's not just's now "us"
I have a life partner/help mate who literally "grounds me" so that I don't drive myself mad.  I don't need to stretch myself thin anymore because then I miss out on enjoying life. :)  Not to be so cliche but he literally completes me!  He's the ying to my yang. lol
Now don't get me wrong.  I still love to plan...and I still use my pocket calendar religiously... but now I get to schedule weekly "date nights" and weekend "DIY projects with Hubs".  I have someone who's always by my side whenever I need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.
I'm different to many people now...and maybe they won't understand.
But I'm who God wants me to be in this new chapter of life called marriage.
My priorities are different...and in a very good way. :)

On our honeymoon in Jamaica 


  1. this is so sweet! anyone who can keep your from over-stressing is perfect in my book! so glad you found the one who completes you! :)

    i love that picture of the both of you! :) doesn't it make you want to go back on vacation?!

  2. oh... I'm dying to go back to Jamaica. It was truly the best trip ever.

  3. I think you just gave the perfect definition of a good marriage. Perfect.

    *umm, I want to go to Jamaica too!!

    ** sorry for the delete, I can't type today and was too embarrassed to leave my original comment up there for all to see. Stupid fingers.

  4. Aaawww!!!! So sweet! You two are so cute!!!


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