Friday, January 28, 2011

My Wedding Bio is Featured!

Many of you are aware of the wedding planning site Project Wedding.  I was heavily involved while planning my wedding and I started a biography on there to help me organize all my crazy planning.  PW is an awesome community of brides (and post-brides) who share their ideas and inspiration.  Truly an awesome resource.

So I logged on today and found out my bio is being featured this week!  I feel so special...had to share with all of you!

(That's me!!!.... Mrs.KC!)

profile photo



...had a beautiful and personal wedding that began with a Ugandan style Kwanjula ceremony with the women dressed in colorful basuti tunics. The next day, the couple prepared for their traditional wedding which was done in a chocolate, olive, red, an...
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  1. Congrats! Thats so Awesome! "I know her!"

  2. I love Project Wedding (PW for those of us that have spent an inordinate amount of time there) because without it- I'd never have met my K-dawg. Awwww.

    And the award- is more than well deserved. You put so much heart, time, and yourself into planning. It was nothing short of perfect. xo

  3. I love that picture, I am headed over there to check it out!

    I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! You deserve it : )

  4. wow, so beautiful...I can imagine all the plans that went into it.

  5. Just checked out that site recently from Tami's recommendation and love it. Looking forward to your feature :)


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