Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend Project Lineup

So we have the whole weekend open and of course I want to work on a huge project!  Since Matt doesn't have to work I convinced him to help me get the formal room a couple steps closer to ultimate completion.  Then maybe I'll be able to seduce him into going shopping for Valentine's Day decor... maybe.

So what's the plan?

Here's a look at the room now: (cell phone picture, so sorry for the poor quality)

And here is the weekend plan! 

- Basically the curtains which my mom made from scratch (she's amazing!) still need a sheer drape to keep the neighbors from seeing in and wondering what's up with our spontaneous dance parties.  I'm sure we've been pegged that "awkward newlywed couple that dances at odd hours of the night to reggae music"
(what? reminds us of honeymoon to Jamaica)


- Secondly my mom is also helping me finish the upholstery for the chairs.  I still have to sand them down and get another coat of clear on them before Saturday... so it's going to be a crazy next couple of days.  Plus Matt needs to cut the last chair bottom!  It's going to be so nice to not have to look at those folding chairs!

But if all goes according to plan, then the only thing left for that room will be refinishing the china cabinet and making a small corner table for drinks.  But that will have to wait until summer.


  1. I love that you guys spontaneously dance to raggae music. That's... the best.

    Sheers are going to really finish off the windows nicely. And I'm impressed you are doing those chairs! I've refinished lots of wooden pieces, but I've never ventured into the fabric/recovering domain. How exciting!

  2. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

  3. omg, you are sooo funny! i am laughing so hard here picturing your spontaneous dance parties & the fact that your neighbors could be thinking that you both are the "awkward newlywed couple that dances at odd hours of the night to reggae music". at least you have an excuse! :)

    i still can't get over your amazing curtains! they are stunning. can't wait to see the chairs and the sheers! so exciting!


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