Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home & Garden Show

Matt suggested we take a weekday date night and head over to see The Great Big Home & Garden Show.  He'd been there last year with his dad and uncle and thought I would like to get some ideas for the house.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I knew the location it was being held at was huge... but that was an understatement.  It was hundreds of booths and garden displays... words really can't describe and I was so awestruck for the first hour that I forgot to take pictures!   The lighting was indoors and acted weird with my camera... so apologies for that.  Anywho, here are a few I got halfway through.

We toured a constructed model of a "man cave" basement design.  I just loved the art work of men climbing the wall and the electronic panel that controlled the surround sound.

We just loved the dual tvs and electric fireplace... we talked to the vendor about that one...we might have to invest.  ;)

Of course when I noticed the pool table and motorcyle light...Hubs had to get a picture with.

 We checked out some outdoor patio sets...

 In the corner of this massive building they constructed a model home complete with an upstairs!  I loved this furniture!  I want to do something similar in our "pretty room"...aka family room.

In the smack center of the model home was a large saltwater aquarium stocked with exotic fish!

We  then headed over to the garden design section.  The all had movie themes... I didn't catch this one, but it had Japanese influence.  Poor Matt didn't get any warning of my photo taking.

 hey, hey now!

Vegetable garden that I WILL have this summer!

"Edward Scissorhands" theme... check out that fountain coming out of that hand shaped bush!

This garden had a wedding theme setup.  I just died.  I had the urge to plan my wedding again...and look like this. lol

"Alice in Wonderland"... I loved this tablescape.

really?.... are you serious?!  I want this in my yard!  They had a mirror at the very end... if you squint you can see us standing there as I took a pic.  Gorgeous!

All in all... we got some crazy awesome ideas for the yard and basement!!  Totally can't wait to get started!


  1. Oh my gosh. What an amazing thing! Now I want to go to a Home & Garden show!! Talk about eye candy.

    I'm so devastated about not having a garden this year. Like, DEVASTATED. I have to figure out something though because there isn't much more that puts a smile on my face like a home grown eggplant (from seed!!) :)

  2. Everything looks gorgeous! My veg garden, which I will attempt again after 3 failed ones, will be indoor...sigh. i can not wait to see your fun projects, youre so creative!

  3. that looks incredible!!! i want to go to one of these! the stone patio is amazing!


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