Friday, February 18, 2011

I have an idea...

All my ideas involve power tools... don't ask me why.
But I have this amazing idea.  Matt has always asked for a bench he can sit on to get his work boots on and off with some storage...kind of something we would keep in the mud room.  Problem is... we don't have a mud room.
At first I considered getting a bench and putting it in the garage... but after going through a crazy cold winter, that seemed too cruel.  So then I stumbled on one of my favorite sites Ana-White and found a DIY Entry way bench.shelf.

Ana literally makes furniture from scratch for her home.  How inspiring is that?!  And it's perfectly what we've been looking for.  I'm thinking we would make it a little smaller (3 feet instead of 4) in order to fit in the corner just outside our downstairs bathroom and laundry room.  I wish I had a picture!!!  I'll get one soon. But here's a sketch I threw together.

Since it'll be in that corner... it will need to be a little shorter as to have room in that hallway like so...

Anywho, I printed off the building plans and strategically nudged them under Matt's arm.  He read them over and said it was a definite project! (yay!)  I might even get a new drill or nail gun out of it all!


  1. How weird- I was JUST looking at storage benches like this last week but in a smaller size, exactly like your edited photo. What do you think about making two at the same time and shipping one out to me when your finished?

    Can't WAIT to see how this turns out!!

  2. lol...Tams you should make one the same time we do... we could compare notes! :)

  3. you rock..and so does ana's blog. off to get power tools


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