Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm not a snacker.

As in, I don't eat in between meals.
I don't stock up on chips, pretzels, crackers or fruit snacks.  I just don't eat them.  It's weird I know.
The biggest obstacle was explaining this to my snack-a-holic husband when we got married.  All this time while we were dating he thought I snacked.  So now that I do the grocery shopping he's insisting I accommodate this non-meal activity and purchase items necessary for snack consumption.  He wasn't picky on what I should get... just something other than the craisins (cranberry raisins I use in my salad) and fruit. lol

So as I was shopping one night I saw a buy one get one free sign on empty shelves that were supposed to contain Lays chips.  I guess that was a good deal...
Fortunately I found another half empty shelf and decided to surprise Matt with some chips.  I purchased Sour Cream and Cheddar for him... and received the free BBQ for me... (gasp!)  Yes, I know.   But I really do like BBQ chips... as a side to my BBQ cheeseburger or baby back ribs... with homemade potato salad and fresh squeezed lemonade..
[whoa... sorry about that.. definitely need summer to get here asap]
 Anywho, I got home and explained to Matt which bag was his... and how the BBQ was mine.  He was cool with that and encouraged me to eat them as snacks.  haha... never!
But I do love the BBQ chips.  I pack them in my lunch along with my grapes and chicken salad sandwich.  They are a side item.   A mere tangy compliment to my afternoon meal.  I respect that hour time I have with them. why do I keep sneaking into my lunch box all morning to savor the flavor of a couple slices of potato goodness seasoned to sweet and spicy perfection?  What has come over me?

Gasp... am I snacking?!????

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  1. Oh, the things marriage will do to you!! haha.

    At least Matt is respecting YOUR bag of chips. I've had to create huge label for my box of graham crackers- otherwise Adam would dive right in and not leave any for me!


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