Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Fever came early

So on Saturday I got a Spring fever itch.  The weather was getting warm (60 deg) and I just wanted to do something big...and slightly random.  So I painted the laundry room... in about 30 min.
Matt helped me pull out the washer and dryer and basically trapped me in.  So I had to finish before I could come back out.  I love how the color turned out...and I've already picked out the cabinets from Ikea.  Still trying to find a door with a glass insert that's within budget.


After:  (Flash makes it look a lot yellower than it is... closer to the floor you can see the true color.  It's a pale golden tan color.  It looks nice with the carpet.)

Still need to make a drying rack (Centsational Girl has a great tutorial!), get the sink skirt made and get the cabinets (Ikea - Akurum) to go along the wall behind the washer/dryer! 

Then this morning we woke up to the end of an ice storm... awesome. 
lol... still excited to get this room started. :)


  1. Oh Kath, it looks beau-ti-ful! Aren't the spontaneous projects the most fun? Those cabinets are fab... and would work perfectly in our space too. I love how you always inspire me!! Nicely done my friend.

  2. Cute!!! So bright and cheery. I love yellow. And you have amazing w/d by the way!

  3. I love the yellow!!! I think its just the right colour for that space.

  4. oooh that yellow would make me so happy to do laundry, lol.

    can't wait to see the completed work!!! :0


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