Monday, February 21, 2011

New Family Member!

Waiting on Baby... 
Not mine.  lol
My new nephew Baine.
He's due to be born today...
His mama was induced this now we just wait for him to make his move.

...we're all pretty excited to meet him!

He's Here!! 
Baine Dillon Conway arrived last night (2/21/11) just before 9pm!
9.5 lbs 20 inches long.
Both him and mom are doing well!


  1. If you ever do that to me again Kathy... I'll, I'll... be so mad at you! You nearly gave me a heart attack!!

    And how cute is that name.. Baine. Congrats to mama and family!

  2. I was getting excited when I saw the blog title but alas :( I agree with Tami, if you ever do that again..... teeheehee!!!

    Congratulations to your family on a new addition.

  3. awww, congrats Auntie Kathy!!!


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