Thursday, March 24, 2011

...and a door opened.

Major thanks to all of you offering ideas for my laundry door dream!   I have amazing news!  So I called around my town and found a glass company with a lady who was oh-so-helpful in getting me a rough estimate for this project.  Basically, they don't sell doors with windows but they do install glass into pre-existing doors... as long as they are already cut (by us) to the size opening we want.  (no prob!).  Then we have to provide the tools such as the molding we want to fit around the edge to hold the glass in. (again, no prob).  She estimated a sheet of plain glass for the whole length of the door to be $47 plus installation of around $12-$15!  Um... yeah, totally doable!!  So excited!  Then we can just add the frost effect with a window film (which...also protects the glass from shattering if something were to happen.)

So then I got to thinking... do I really want a whole door of glass like:  (I get nervous about it breaking being in a small space.. laundry baskets...little ones running around...eek.

Or would I want just the top half?  Also... this is our door style.  See how it has two sections... what if we cut a square on the top... avoid that top curvy angle..

I don't know yet.  Gotta get home and get ideas. But yay!!!   We have progress that will cost under $100!!  And can you just envision a cute "Laundry Room" Decal?!

**Happy Dance**

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  1. Oh that's awesome news Kath! So much better than the $800 price tag. I just googled "interior doors with glass" and it looks like almost all of them have the full pane of glass unless it was a front door. I'm having a hard time visualizing what it would look like with just one section glass. Perhaps a little more internet sloothing would produce a good example? Nice work though! I'm totally impressed.


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