Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another furniture rehab

Remember that little cabinet I bought on Craigslist and immediately turned around and sold off?  Well I found the perfect replacement for it!  Of course it was purchased through Craigslist and I talked the seller down from $40 to $35... though I'm sure he would have gone lower!  Anywho, here she is!

It's a wine rack/cabinet that fits perfectly into the empty corner of our formal dining room!   The features on it are fantastic too.  The top slides open on either side to reveal hidden storage about 5 inches deep.  The middle section folds down to provide storage to hang glasses, and the bottom obviously stores wine bottles.  (Which reminds me, I need to post this killer red wine spaghetti sauce recipe I tried out last month...)
So the plan is to prime and paint it all black...find a new handle... then find a subtle black wallpaper (with some type of gray design) to put on the bottom of the hidden storage, back of the wine glass storage and around the sides of the wine bottle storage sections.  I can't wait!!!
Some paper designs that caught my eye... 


  1. Oooh, I love it Kath! It fits perfectly in the room too. Are you going to take it apart to refinish it? Those little cubbies could be brutal. Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformation kits might be a good option for you- they prevent you from having to sand and prime (which is the stinky part anyway) and they come in all sorts of colors.

  2. Hey Tams!
    Yup... I do plan to take the doors off to refinish. The little cubbies are another story. they seem to be removable because the bottoms pop up but I can't seem to get them out. lol. I'll definitely look into Rustoleum's products to see if it works for my project! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. wow, what a great deal and find! i can't get over how lucky you are in searching at Craigslist ... i just can't ever find anything good enough. i guess no one is selling the good stuff here on Craigslist, bummer!


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