Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cabinet Decision

Thanks to all of you who commented with some awesome advice earlier this week on my Cabinet Dilemma.  In the end we decided to go with the majority and get all three cabinets.  Once I drew up the following sketch I just loved how uniform it was!  I moved the horizontal cabinet up to be flush with the rest and added an additional shelf unit underneath.  I plan to get some glass tile to make a back splash around the sink.  I like the black...a lot!

So Matt's busy measuring the room and I'm patiently waiting to press the order button!

Still researching for my dream laundry room door.  With the foggy glass insert.  So far they're over $900... yeah, that's not gonna happen.   But a girl can dream!


  1. I think you made the right decision- it's going to look fab (love the mock-up too)! Is the foggy glass making it more expensive than reg glass? Because you can get window film to easily create that look on reg. glass OR they have frosted spray paint. Though, that might be the cost for any door with glass.

  2. Unfortunately it's the glass in general. I still need to visit some independent glass companies close by to see if they can even just take the existing door and add glass. I really don't know how it works... but worth a try!

  3. Hi Kathy :)

    How fun, lots of projects in the works!

    You should be able to purchase a single lite glass door fairly inexpensive. Then, as Tami mentioned (b/c we discussed it with her own windows, a film can be applied for more of a translucent look through a company like Outwater
    or even Ikea).

    Just thought I'd chie in :)

  4. you def. made the right decision! it looks amazing in the sketch, i can only imagine how much more amazing it will look in real life!

    ouch $900.00? for a door? yikes! hope your research gets you to the price you want to pay for your door! :)

  5. Oh I can definitely do my own film! What a great idea! Anyone know where I can get the door for way cheaper? Those prices I got quoted through Home Depot and Menards. Still need to figure out Lowes.

  6. It's going to be awesome! Looking forward to seeing more! Good luck with the door. I know you'll figure out a way!

  7. Love the sketch. Can't wait to see everything come together!


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