Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chocolate Decadence

I love chocolate.  My husband likes it more.  We both equally have a weakness to Olive Garden's Black  Tie Mousse Cake.

So when my work sent out a flyer for the annual bake-off I signed up to make this amazing goodness.  I've made it a couple times before, but I usually don't have the endurance to get through the recipe.  It's four labor intensive layers.
Bottom Layer -  Devil's Food Chocolate Cake
2nd Layer - Chocolate Mousse in all it's heavy cream goodness
3rd Layer - Custard based cheesecake
Top Layer - Chocolate ganache with swirled white chocolate
Garnish - Mini chocolate chips

 You can find the recipe I used HERE.  Be prepared to put in a couple hours putting this together.  It's so worth it!  Calories and all. :)

Here are some pics during the process...
Matt helped with the 2nd layer...it was hard for him to control the chocolate urges for the rest.

I'll let you know for the bake-off goes!  Happy Fat Tuesday!


  1. I'm not sure I've ever seen something so yummy looking!! If you don't win this bake-off... I'm going to have a word or two with those judges.

    I nearly peed my pants when I saw the finger marks in the bowl on the 3rd picture from the bottom (in the background). I KNOW whose finger marks those are.


  2. omg! i want to eat that sooo bad! it looks amazing! this is something i def. want to try! hmmm, i have to have an excuse to make it though! :)

  3. This looks yummy!!!


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