Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How I roll...

Life lately has been hectic.  In that, "it's almost Spring...ignore the snow of the ground" type of way.   I love it though.  It's like pre-spring fever.  Yesterday was great.  Had the bake-off at work that I didn't win...but Matt loved the leftovers so I can't complain.  My hubby also got an itch to start cleaning and "whoa" as surprised as I was I happily joined along.   Is it bad that one of my favorite things to do with him is clean the house?!?  Is that weird?!  No?...

Main highlight though... was my Craigslist turn around!   Remember that little cabinet I had Matt pick up for me on Saturday? 

Well when I got home I realized it was entirely too small for what I had in mind.  I wasn't that upset since it was only $15.  So I got back on Craigslist and posted it for $20.  Go figure it was picked up last night!   Yeah... $5 profit that's going towards a new cabinet.   (<--aka another Craigslist find)  I think I already found it too.  I won't jinx it by posting but if it works out I'm going to be on cloud nine!

In the meantime I've turned into an organized mad woman.  Tami got me hooked on a new blog: IHeart Organizing and I just can't stop making plans to rehaul the entire house. :)   Yup...  the Conways are out of hibernation and ready to tackle some crazy projects.


  1. I have a secret. I once bought a dining room table on Craigs List for $100.00. The seller was moving the next day and needed it GONE fast so I got a great deal. 8 months later, we were moving and the table didn't match our new decor- so I listed it for $400.00. The woman that bought it was tickled to get it for 'such a great deal'. Is that bad?

    So happy that you love the Iheart Organizing blog! But, I knew you would :) xo

  2. haha... Tams you're worse than me! But that totally rocks! I'm convinced that locale has to help as well. It's like they say.. "One man's junk another one's treasure!"

  3. Great post! Way to profit on your find, hope the new piece works out for the better!!

    Thanks for the shout out! :) I am excited to see you are enjoying the blog!



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