Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Irish Mom

I love my mom.  She's the easiest person to talk to and she makes me laugh on a daily basis.  I was rolling on the floor when she sent me this picture today.  She went out for lunch with her girlfriends and they made her pose for this adorable pic.  To top it off she sends it with the message... There. I'm Irish.  Which is humorous considering she was born and raised in Africa.  Heart her.
She doesn't look all that thrilled... but I can see dimple action and she said she had a good time. :)  
Love you mom!


  1. My mom is the BEST! :)

    -Jenny (lil sis)

  2. I've said it a thousand times... but I LOVE YOUR MOM!!!

    That photo is classic. And I love her little commentary to go along with it. I'm just cracking up over here!

  3. hahahahaha, OMG!!! sooo funny! i would do anything to see my mom do something like this! your mom is the absolute best! :)

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