Monday, March 21, 2011

Organized: Bathroom Cabinet

I randomly pick closets and cupboards and do a complete re-haul in an attempt to organize and de-clutter.  It's like a stress-reliever.  Matt knows when I'm about to start because he catches me staring at the linen closet or  slowly pulling items out of the pantry.   Usually he responds with.. "babe, not now it's almost midnight... you can start that in the morning".  That was definitely the case on Friday.  I went to Target during my lunch break and browsed the clearance aisles for some deals.  I ended up purchasing three woven baskets, a plastic tote and a couple storage bins for cereal (that's for another post...another time).   I was so giddy since the baskets were only $9 and so sturdy and roomy!  Perfect for our bathroom cabinet.
My husband made me wait until Saturday morning to work on it.  So I woke up at 8am and got started... in my PJ's.  :)

Before: We had the "his and her" sides but it was a hot mess.  Plus I have this phobia of having cleaning products next to mouth wash...and other paranoid issues.
I got this plastic caddy after being inspired by Jen at IHeart Organizing.  I'm aware of the fact that my oversized cotton balls are a hindrance for the polish.  I'll get a smaller bag... but you get the idea. :)
Filled the baskets by category.  This one has all the hair/skin products.  I put the garbage bags in the back corner but it's easily accessible for each week I need to grab one. 
I used the other basket for the cleaning supplies.   The cabinet ended up only fitting two of the three baskets so I put that one in the guest bathroom and filled it with TP. :) Ah, I felt so much better after this was all done.  It looks so pretty... everything has a place!  Now to tackle the six drawers on either side.  (It's so bad... so very... bad).


  1. You are SO after my own heart with these posts. You know they make me giddy right along side you, don't you?

    Cabinet looks awesome! I've been on the lookout for some really inexpensive baskets like this. Unfortunately Target is a good hour of traffic fighting away. I have a dark and dirty secret hiding in our linen closet. It needs to be beaten into submission.

  2. I went back to Target today to get these rolling baskets that I saw in clearance last week... they were GONE! I almost cried in the aisle. I guess it wasn't meant to be! Totally tackling the pantry again. I used leftover boxes a couple months ago and now it's time to update to more permanent structures. You know what store I really want close by? The Container Store... seriously my dream store.

  3. Such a neat idea! I'm sooo doing this in our bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. you will be surprised when i tell you that, that is how our bathroom cabinet is organized! i love having baskets ... it makes it look so much neater and it looks great too!

  5. Baskets can be suck a life saver sometimes :) Great ideas once again!


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