Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Project List

I feel like I've been MIA on here lately.  (Sorry!)  Thing is we've been busy getting things ready for a busy spring.  Yes,  the thermostat this morning read 18 degrees!  But during the afternoons the sun is so warm... so Spring is almost here.  As soon as the temps hit 50 deg and stay that way, the projects we have lined up will begin. :)   I consider Spring to be April & May... not much time!

1) Pretty Room (Begins April):  Also known as the living room.  I have some HUGE plans for this space.  You saw my "feeling blue" inspiration.  The upholstery fabric arrived...and the paint colors have been chosen.  I may keep you all in the dark until it's completely done.  We're going for a huge wow factor with this.

2) Backyard Shed (Mid April):  We need a storage shed badly.  It's like a staple in our neighborhood...and we don't have one.  Not to mention our garage is like the smallest possible size that fits two cars. Ugh...we need more room! This project will also lead to the summer "Garage Organization Rehaul"... stay tuned!

3) Laundry Room (April): The cabinet purchase was put on hold because of finances.  (We only pay cash now).  But the plan is to get the cabinets mid April and get those hung asap.  Also... the door will have a full pane of glass installed.  :)

4) Raised Veggie Garden (May):  Matt promised me one last summer.  It didn't happen... so this year I want two.

5) Painting Party (May):  I may have racked up a list of Craigslist furniture during the winter that need paint jobs.  Paint jobs that are so intense they need to be done outside.  No big deal really... yeah... just a couple pieces and a few gallons of black paint.

Let me hear your plans!!  Spring is the most active time for DIYers... so spill.


  1. wow, your spring sounds soooo busy! i love that you have all this motivation and inspiration!

    this weekend we are planning on knocking down our wheelchair ramp that is in our backyard! can't wait for that ugly thing to be gone! we will def. have more backyard space and i can't wait to see what we are working with because hopefully i will be able to start a little garden! :)

    we are also going to be working on our curb appeal because we don't really like the plants/flowers that came with the house ... so we are going to redo everything and start from scratch! pretty excited for that!

    i am also planning on painting our enclosed porch a pale yellow ... i always want to do a few things around the house which include decorating ... we'll see! :)

  2. Please don't leave us in the dark with your living room overhaul! I don't think I'll be able to take it!! All your plans sound so great Kath. Gosh I wish we lived closer so we could do fun projects together.

    For Spring, I have lots of painting on the docket. Also, I want to make a vertical pallet gardens for our very narrow patio. And maybe a kitchen cabinet/counter repaint?? Oh- now I'm getting super ambitious. Though- that realistically might be left for the summer. :)

  3. Sounds exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of your projects.


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