Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This one is for the Hubs

Oh how I love thee... and let me count the ways...
The best thing in the world happened to me 6 months ago.  I married my best friend.  My soulmate.  My forever crafting and DIY buddy. lol (Yeah, poor guy didn't see that last one coming)  But in all seriousness he's been amazing!  Even though he doesn't always "see" what I'm going for... he trudges through every fabric and craft store with me.  He's constantly referring to my new sewing machine as `his new toy' and insists I get pictures of him helping for the sake of the blog and its humble followers.  I heart him.
So you can just imagine how hard I was laughing last weekend during this epic shopping moment.

We're at the cutting counter in JoAnn fabrics and I realize the burlap we picked out had a serious run in it.  I sent Matt back to get another bolt.  After what seemed like forever he comes back, his black fleece jacket completely covered in burlap fibers (front and back!)... but no bolt.

Me: What happened?  Where's the bolt of burlap
Matt: Oh my gosh
Me: Babe... what happened?  Why are you covered in burlap fibers?
Matt: I can't believe that just happened to me.  It attacked me.
Me: The bolt of fabric attacked you?  Well I need it  (turn to go get it)
Matt: Don't go back there... it's dangerous!
Me: (Fighting back tears from laughter) It's ok babe.  It's just burlap.  But one day you need to sit down and tell me exactly what happened between  the two of you.

... to this day he hasn't told me what happened.


  1. I am so in love with the two of you- it almost hurts.

  2. Haaaaaaaa, too funny! I love that he goes with you to the craft store (sounds like my life)- wouldn't have it any other way.

    Maybe he'll share his story one day on your blog!

  3. Pahaha! What a sweet husband you have. Sounds like he was traumatized though! hahaha

  4. Toooo Funny!!! I just finally realized I could leave comments on here ahahah!! Nicole Conway

  5. Yay! Nicole! Thanks for commenting! Matt kills me. He's so dramatic about the weirdest things!


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