Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning...the closets!

This was fun.  Seriously. lol.  the closets downstairs were a being able to go through them and get them fairly organized was relaxing.

Let's start with the hall coat closet. 
Apparently this is where we store our extra electronics and misc games/tools/fishing gear...yeah, that bad. 
I didn't both with the coats, but I do need to get a storage bin to store  the out of season apparel.   After some digging I found the following that will be heading out for good...

1) Perfectly fine VCR...we don't even own any VHS tapes! 
2) Perfectly working DVD's a duplicate from when we moved in together.  My player won! tee hehe

With the rest of the misc items I stored them where they really belong (garage, basement, etc).  then I just rearranged the rest.  There are some picture albums up there too... not sure what to do with them.  Picture organizing is on my list of projects. :)  The electronics are posted on CL for dirt cheep.  But here is that closet after.

Now for the hall closet/mud room off the garage.  Eeek.  It's where we keep our shoes and Matt's work uniforms.  There was some crazy stuff stored above in the form of candles, grills (<--you read right) and an overload of metal hangers (from the uniform company)

1) Took out all the hangers.  I did some research and metal hangers take up a ton of space in landfills.  They can be reused, usually by dry cleaners or uniform companies.  Some can be used for projects like the Valentine's Day wreath or Feather wreath I made a few months ago.  I put them in a bag and sent them with Matt back to his uniform company.

2) The two portable grills went into the basement with the rest of our camping gear.  The candles were organized and put into a storage container (I found that up there...empty and unused...shame!).  I organized the shoes and put Matt's specialty boots/garden shoes up above to leave more room for the vacuum and his work clothes hamper.

And there you have it!  It looks a lot better!


  1. Gosh, I *know* how great this feels. Nice work chica!

  2. you def. worked hard! you've motivated me to get our closets together .... great job!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I am totally inspired now, because my closet= totally boring.


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