Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Friday Madness...

As many other people, I have the day off of work on Friday.  Unfortunately the hubs does not... but I plan to get some stuff done around the house that I've been putting off long enough.  I hope I have enough time to do it all considering my list is growing by the minute.  I may actually even wake up early to get a head start (cringe!)  So what's on my to-do-list?   Ah, I thought you would never ask.  :)

{Good Friday To-Do List Madness}
1)Spring Cleaning Project Catch-up.   I made a decision to be apart of the 30 items in 30 days challenge and I'm  totally slacking.  I'm gonna get caught up for sure.  We're talking bins of items to toss, donate or sell!
2) Closet clean-ups.  1 day. 1 mission. 1 mass closet clean-out/organization.  Be there. 
3) DIY laundry hamper dresser.  I'll be busting out my drill for this one!  Thanks to
4) Sew Projects...I have two that have been on the docket forever!  Hopefully I can find the fabric on sale and put in a couple hours. :)

...then I have company arriving for the weekend... 

What are all of you up to?! 


  1. You are a machine K-dawg!! :)

  2. you make my Friday sound like i'm lazy, haha.

    i plan on relaxing and watching tons of movies! haha.

    but i might stop to eat every few hours, lol. :0)

    can't wait to see what you get done!


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