Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House Binder - Complete!

I absolutely loved this March challenge given by Jen at IHeart Organizing! I posted earlier that I had begun my house binder and I finally finished up all the details and snapped a couple pictures this morning to share!  Jen shared her templates for free which was so nice of her.  Unfortunately I had to make my own because I had  trouble downloading on my lame laptop... lame!  (I need a new one).  Anywho... I think it turned out ok!  I quickly ran over to Target and got this super cute binder on clearance!

Finance Section:  As the bills come in I put them in this folder with there return envelope.  The zebra pouch on the other side has our check book, calculator and pens.
 I also mark in how much each bill is/due date on the spreadsheet.  Matt then comes in and pays each one.  He puts the paid bill sheets in the back folder.  I later come back and file them in our file cabinet.

I didn't take pictures of the Calendar Section, but it basically has a list of all our families' birthdays and anniversaries.  I used the pocket to keep invitations (wedding, showers, parties...etc). 
Also the take-out section has a list of all the local eateries in our areas along with coupons and menus.  I didn't take pictures of them because they're location specific. 

 Auto Log Section:  Each vehicle has its own auto log whereby we have all the maintenance logged.
 Home Maintenance Section:  This is a checklist for the entire house... stuff like filter changing, wiring, general structural checks.  (This is Matt's favorite section!)
So there you have it!  Our house binder!  I still have three more tabs to use up... so as things come up I'll fill them in.  We don't have kids yet, so maybe when they start arriving we could add a Babysitter tab.  :) 

 Special thanks to Jen... this was awesome...and extremely useful!


  1. WHAT!!! I am so impressed Kathy- wow. I'm a tad jealous of your mad organization skills!

  2. Oh wow Kath. It came out great! Dually impressed.

  3. Can I be you for a day? lol!! But seriously, I want to be that organised and I'm going to try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have the cutest blog! Love your posts. I like your binder a lot too.

  5. Hi, I only just found out about the binders so haven't created one myself but decided to peruse around and see what everyone came up with and get some great ideas!

    And you are so right-the binder you picked out IS super cute :)

  6. OMG so organized!! I love it when things are so neat and tidy and they each have their own place. It doesn't hurt that the binder is so cute, either...

  7. Dumb question I suppose, but to make the letters all colorful, did you have to change each letter individually, or is there a "random colors" setting? :)

    1. Not dumb at all! I actually changed each letter individually! Labor of love I tell ya!!

  8. these are cute! you should make printables :)


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