Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jewelry Organizer

This is one of those projects I've been meaning to get done for months but just procrastinated.  Since I had an hour to kill I just bit the bullet and got started!   I was currently storing my jewelry in one of those mini plastic drawer towers.  It was such a mess...and a lot of pieces weren't even being worn.  So here goes the tutorial.

Cork Board (had an old one laying around)
Fabric (mom gave me some scraps)
Sewing Machine (if you want a border)
Spray Adhesive
Staple Gun
Mini Screw Hooks or Push Pins
1) Measure out the size of fabric.  I decided to make an accent I made the main part smaller than the the board and pinned on the border. 

2) Sew on the border (optional). sewing needed for this project!

3) Use the spray adhesive on the cork board and postion the fabric.  Use some push pins to stabilize it on the back.
{Back of the board}

4) Flip the board over and staple gun the fabric down.  Make sure you use staples that won't come through the cork board.  Keep the staples close to the edge and trim any excess fabric.
5) Now you're ready to hang the board.  If the cork board already had a hanging device, utilize it.  Otherwise I just nailed it to my wall.

6) Screw in the mini hooks and/or push pins and display your bling bling!

I already had an earring catcher that I got from my friend... so I hung that above the mirror.   Now all my jewelry is easily accessible!  I love it.

Meanwhile...Matt was busy putting sewing pins into my new pin cushion.  He insisted I capture the moment to share with you all. 
The DIY Show Off


  1. that looks awesome! great job! my gf bought me something awesome for my jewerly a few months ago that i just love! def. makes it easier to find whatever it is i'm looking for!

    Matt is too cute, hehe!!

  2. This came out so cute K! I need to get me one of those :)

  3. Great idea!! HA love how Matt needs credit to him documented, hilarious!!!! Such a man lol

  4. Never heard the catcher before. Boy, it looks very organized. No wonder I can not find anything in my drawer.
    You have a lovely blog!

  5. It looks beautiful! I have a piece of corkboard lying around, I think I'm gonna give it a try!

  6. Wow that looks great! I'd love one just like that! You would know that if people were registered. hehe


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