Monday, April 18, 2011

A lil about Us...

Recently, Faith over at Life.Love&Marriage posted this super cute couple interview that I just had to try out!  Be sure to mosey on over there and give her blog some love.  She's a sweetheart!

So let's do this... lol

{How long have you been together?}
It'll be seven years in October 2011...we got married almost 8 months ago!
{How long did you know each other before you started dating?}
About 2 months
{Who asked who out?}
Matt asked me out to dinner the day after we met

{Did you go to the same school?}
No, but we had a mutual friend who I was going to school with...we met at his house at a party.

{Who is the most sensitive?}
Probably me.  I can freak out over the weirdest things.
{What about pets?}
None right now, but we want to get a Hungarian Vizsla sometime soon.

{Where do you eat out most as a couple?}
hm... this is a hard one since we'll eat anything and we're constantly trying to find new places to try out.  Can't go wrong with mexican or anywhere with really good steak...and pizza at home with a good movie is a norm.

{Where is the furthest you two have traveled as a couple?}
Montego Bay, Jamaica for our honeymoon.
{Who has the worst temper?}
Maybe Matt by a little.  But he gets over it really minutes.  :)

{Who does the cooking?}
I primarily rule the kitchen and Matt is the designated grill master.  He does know his way around the kitchen too so it's no surprise  that we spend time cooking together.
{Who is more social?}
{Who is the neat freak?}
Matt said he's the neat freak and I'm the organized freak.
{Who is the most stubborn?}
Apparently I am...
{Who hogs the bed?}
haha... MATT!  It's not unusual for me to wake up in the fetal position to find him cocooned with all the sheets and blankets and all up on my side. lol.
{Who wakes up earlier?}
Matt.  rude to my life.
{Where was your first date?}
Mexican restaurant
{Who eats more?}
Hard to tell... Matt snacks a lot more (I don't at all).. but I could out-eat him any given meal.
{Who does the laundry?}
I'd like to say I do it all myself, but he helps me out a lot!
{Who drives when you are together?}
He does.  Otherwise I have to deal with a backseat driver. :)
{Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?}
We're equal on this.
{Who wears the pants in the relationship?}
We'd each answer each other because we're so hard-headed sometimes.

{Who eats more sweets?}
Matt.  The man has a sugar inhalation problem.

Oh marriage!  Gotta love it!


  1. You two just melt me!! Love this post <3

  2. And I still get such a kick out of that photo with Matt and the washing machine. Classic.

  3. i love the two of you! i hope that one day i will get to see the two of you together! that way i can just see how much you both dig each other person!

    i hope that sounded normal because now i am not too sure how that sounded! ugh, i am seriously wondering if i should just edit that part and i decided to keep it ... maybe you will get it :)

  4. haha... I totally get what you mean Faith! You're so funny! We would love to meet up with you and Sean sometime soon! :)


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