Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning...the Kitchen!

The April challenge to purge 30 items in 30 days continues into the kitchen!  You can find details on this challenge here.   As you saw a few posts ago, I purged 29 pairs of shoes!  I'm happy to say that they were dropped off at Goodwill last week. :)  So now onto the kitchen!

I decided early on that I would include the formal dining room in this purge session.  These rooms are hard for me to find anything that didn't need to be there because it's a constant source of downsizing.  But I did find some items... 

{Pantry} I went through the pantry a couple weeks ago and organized it with some super cheap baskets from Bed Bath and Beyond (@ $1.99 a piece I couldn't resist).  The huge cleanout allowed me to toss out some unused/old food that was hiding out.  We'll collectively consider this 1 ITEM!

{Formal Dining Room} This room is also known as my Craigslist room.  Everything in here was purchased through the fabulous reuse site!  I've been wanting to get a new corner cabinet to replace the one I currently I put it up on CL about a month ago.  Go figure I got a buyer last night!  So the cabinet I originally paid $30 bucks for is on its way out on Thursday...for $85!   Score another 1 ITEM! (The mullah is going toward the corner cabinet I've been stalking on CL!!)

{Kitchen / Basement} Now for some random kitchen items I the basement:
- 2-slice toaster with cover
- coffee pot (the coffee maker itself burned out)
- misc plates, bowls, and silverware.  (what we used before the wedding)
- Christmas plate setting set for four.
...I'm sure there is more... so I'll keep digging and post some pics soon  :)

Oh!   Forgot... Matt is selling his motorcycle helmet on CL too.

Harley Davidson Half Helmet in Matte Black. (Size Small)
DOT approved.
Gently used but in pristine condition!
Includes helmet bag and original box.

Asking $110. Serious inquiries please. 

image 2320130509-0image 2320130509-1image 2320130509-2image 2320130509-3

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